“K-Elec” plays an active role in world markets and has secured,
a strong global network throughout the world.

K-Elec has been playing an active role in world markets and has been conducting its operations worldwide. Through its solid global network in the continents of Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, K-Elec commits to respond to the rapid changes in the global business environment.

RNO International FZCO
K-Elec Overseas Sales & Distribution HQ

Strategically based in Dubai, R and O International FZCO is K-Elec’s front base administrating total Oversea Sales & Distribution. With a long history of achievements, R and O maintains its professionalism and has lead K-Elec’s steps forward to become the leading global company. R and O International FZCO is also the official distributor for top multinational Electronics companies such as LG Electronics, SK Magic, and Midea.

K-Elec Headquarters
Korea Operations

K-Elec applies a simple but significant business philosophy: to devote its technology and talent to supply reliable and outstanding “Best Quality” products to the worldwide market. Through strategic development for years, K-Elec have firmly secured its manufacturing and operations headquarters in Korea. K-Elec will continue to create superior products and services to contribute to the global society.